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LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH

About us

Since its foundation in 1863 LASCO has been devoting its efforts to the development and manufacture of economical machines for forming tasks in the metal industry and for the production of wall building materials.

LASCO has been one of the leading system providers of a comprehensive range of production lines, individual units and automation technology esp. in the wall building material sector in the global market.


LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH
Hahnweg 139
96450 Coburg

E-mail: lasco@lasco.de
Phone:  +49 9561 6420
Internet: www.lasco.com
Anton Ohlert
Egisbeieva 7B, Office 508
050046 Almaty

E-mail: office@ohlert.kz
Phone:  +7 727 3390904
Internet: www.ohlert.com

Contact person:

Pavel Benner
Sales and Projects
E-mail: pavel.benner@lasco.de
Phone: +49 9561 642584

Products & Services

One- and bi-directionally compacting, hydraulic presses of various sizes (KSE and KSP series) for the production of calcium silicate blocks and blocks with aggregates containing silicate.

Furthermore, automation and process technology as well as complete, turnkey calcium silicate block factories.

Double-acting compaction press KSP 1001

LASCO sand-lime block presses of the KSP series are the cornerstone of modern sand-lime block production. Equipped with an electro-oil-hydraulic drive they compact from two sides with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and consistent homogeneity. This is a pre-requisite for uniform stability of the block in its entire cross-section.
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Single-acting compaction press KSE 1250

Block heights of up to 250 mm are the speciality of the compact Press KSE, developed esp. for low heights of construction and foundations pits. It is used both for the production of traditional sand-lime block sand – in a number of countries – for the production of blocks with aggregates (e. g. fly- ash and slag).
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Vario-block press PSP

The vario-block press PSP reduces to a minimum the required time and effort used for sawing large volume building materials (Quadro elements) to produce rectangular supplementary blocks (vario-blocks). The optimization of the length and height of the green blocks in the pressing operation brings about considerable savings of raw material and a reduction of surplus material.
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