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BT innovation is an internationally renowned company in development, production and supply of innovative product solutions for precast plants and construction sites.

About us

BT innovation is an internationally renowned company in development, production and supply of innovative product solutions for precast plants and construction sites.

The patented solutions enable a considerable increase in the efficiency of all work processes and are in demand worldwide.

Our portfolio includes sealants and waterproofing, shuttering magnets, formwork systems, connecting systems and consulting services for the precast concrete industry.

BT’s range is supplemented with the patented Butterfly Battery® Mould for the stationary production of precast concrete elements with up to three-times increase in efficiency.

B.T. innovation GmbH
Sudenburger Wuhne 60
39106 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 391 73520
Fax: +49 391 735252
Internet: www.bt-innovation.de

Contact person

Ekaterina Globina
International Sales Manager
Phone: T: +49 391 735221
Alexey Kucher
92 Str., House 3
010000 Nur-Sultan

Phone: +7 7015 116847
Internet: www.bt-innovation.de

Products & Services

PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE PRECAST CONCRETE INDUSTRY: Our wide range of solutions from areas of magnet and formwork technology increases the performance and profitability of every production. The patented products from BT innovation constantly redefine the status quo in the industry.

SEALANTS AND WATERPROOFING: Our sealing products are the ideal choice for sealing fresh or hardened concrete. Regardless of joint or surface sealing, we have the right product for every situation.

BUTTERFLY BATTERY® MOULD: The patented Butterfly Battery® Mould enables the stationary production of precast concrete parts with up to 3 times the productivity. The Butterfly Battery® Mould combines the advantages of the horizontal preparation with those of vertical production.

CONSULTING: Whether a new precast concrete plant is built, an existing plant is planned to be modernized or resources should be used more efficiently – we stand by our customers with our extensive know how and expertise as a consultant.

Butterfly Battery® Mould

For accelerated production processes, BT innovation has patented the Butterfly Formwork® a casting compartment that can be removed from the battery mould. After only about 4 hours (at a strength of 3-8 N/mm²), the precast elements can be removed from the battery together with the formwork and stored outside the battery for hardening. The battery is immediately ready for the next production cycle.

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BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle)

The BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle) is part of an easy to use connection system – without additional materials and tools. The BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle) enables efficient and precise assembly and durable connections for precast concrete elements. By using BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle) and corresponding connection materials, precast elements can be joined together without using mineral grouting. This means no curing or standstill times due to low temperatures.

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MagFly® AP

The MagFly® AP is a patented shuttering magnet and a component of the BT formwork system. Unique features include the magnetic force-toweight ratio, plus the unique foot/spring system, which allows the magnet to slide easily over the formwork table. The magnet is activated by a firm pressure from above and adheres to the formwork table by its magnetic force. The MagFly® AP can be detached and realigned simply using the integrated lever. It does not require any additional tools or adapters.

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News & Innovations

Efficient production of precast concrete elements with the Butterfly Battery® Mould

Formwork industry experts of B.T. innovation GmbH introduce a new system which brings the advantages of conventional prefabrication methods together.

Foldable, double sided and removable forming platform, known as Butterfly Formwork® facilitates the production of concrete elements in a battery mould remarkably and makes new fields of application possible.

The system connects two worlds of precast production technology.

Newly developed Butterfly Formwork® benefits from advantages of both horizontal preparation and vertical casting, in a smart way.

Similar to circulation pallet production lines, all the preparation steps are carried out effectively in a horizontal status: from measuring with laser projections to setting the necessary formwork shutters, placing the embedded parts, and exact positioning the reinforcement meshes or cages.

Because of parallel preparation of elements on butterfly formworks independent of battery mould, the setting-up time is noticeably shortened.

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