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Established in 1892, Wehrhahn is the leading supplier of machines and technologies for advanced production plants: - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), blocks and panels - fibre cement sheets, autoclaving or aircuring technology - quicklime - dry mortar. Our full service covers research and development, mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after sales services. Expert support for our customers during the production complements our services. Wehrhahn plants are successfully operating all over the world. Internationally well-known producers of AAC and fibre cement operate Wehrhahn plants. Leading technology - made in Germany.

Products and services

WEHRHAHN - Design and manufacture of production plants for the building material industry: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) - a light weight champion, suitable for all types of wall construction, produced as blocks or panels. Easy handling, precise dimensions, excellent thermal properties.
Fibre cement - autoclaving or aircuring technology, flat and corrugated sheets for internal and external use, suitable for all types of buildings.
Quicklime - hard burnt lime for the AAC industry or soft burnt lime. Dry mortar – a wellmixed blend of various raw materials used for many kinds of construction material. Over 200 plants for the production of AAC blocks and panels, fibre cement, lime plants and numerous other special designs are in use across all climate zones throughout the world. This makes WEHRHAHN global leader.
Fibre cement production on Wehrhahn plants

Efficient, fully automated sheet production plants for high quality fibre cement products with a range of superior qualities: heat and moisture resistant, frost-proof, non-combustible, flexible and affordable. Wehrhahn plants are specifically tailored to individual needs and local conditions, resulting in cost-efficient production of flat and corrugated fibre cement sheets
for internal or external application.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) - a lightweight champion

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) - a sustainable and economic building material with a range of superior qualities: - insulation - fire protection - noise protection
- structural load-bearing - recyclability. Produced as blocks or reinforced panels with Wehrhahn technology made in Germany - AAC is the number one eco-friendly wall construction material all over the world.

High level AAC production on Wehrhahn plants

Characterised by outstandfing precision, productivity and reliablity, Wehrhahn machinery and technology ensure high quality, economic and flexibile production of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete).

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News & Innovations

Wehrhahn celebrates 125th anniversary - reliable technology since 1892
Experience gathered over more than a century of producing machines for the manufacture of high-quality building materials for a wide variety of construction applications.
Starting 1892 - in the light of increasing industrialisation in Europe, when building materials of all kinds were in great demand, Wehrhahn today is at home all over the world and yet with strong roots. Wehrhahn technology made in Germany - we are proud of our 125 year's history!
The success story of Wehrhahn is at the same time the success story of our committed team. They are all highly trained and motivated and every day they advance the company a little bit further with their drive and expertise.
Constantly encouraged by clients who appreciate our top quality standards, reliable service and collaborative attitude.
On all continents Wehrhahn plants are in operation. Internationally leading manufacturers of fibre cement and AAC use Wehrhahn plants and technology.
Wehrhahn has been consistently successful in dealing with changing market conditions through continuity, stability and constant innovation – and can therefore look to the future with great optimism!

Wehrhahn advanced zero process related waste systems for AAC production plants
Part of the Wehrhahn "no system waste" concept is the patented Wehrhahn bed remover for tilt cake systems.
The bottom layer is recycled before the cake is being autoclaved.
In the past the hardened (autoclaved) bed could only be recycled in the process after being milled. With the Wehrhahn technology at least 4 % of raw materials can be saved and other process related disadvantages have been overcome.
All cake processing like tongue and groove cutting or handhold milling is done prior to autoclaving. As a consequence there is no process related AAC waste to be expected.

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